Portrait Photograph of Bas Rokers

Bas Rokers

Assistant Professor

Department of Psychology

Dr. Bas Rokers is an Assistant Professor of Psychology at UW–Madison. He is an expert in visual perception. He frequently lectures and demonstrates how our brains successfully (and sometimes not so successfully) interact with our dynamic three-dimensional world, such as recently with the Wisconsin Academy of Sciences, Arts and Letters, and with National Geographic.


  • We commonly believe that our eyes do not lie. Dr. Rokers will show however, that our eyes lie to us all the time. When that happens we experience a visual illusion, where we see things that are not there, or fail to see things that are there. In this talk Dr. Rokers will discuss how these visual illusions help neuroscientists understand how the brain works.

    Approximate Length of Talk: Variable

  • What Visual Illusions Can Tell Us About How the Brain Works
  • Visual Motion Perception in the Human Brain

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